Privacy Policy – Photographs

Occasionally, we take photographs of church services and other events and post these on our main website, the church photo album website or social media.

If you have been photographed then we assume this implies you have given your permission for your photo to be used in this way. If you ask us not to photograph you then, of course, we will respect your wishes.

Photos may be displayed online indefinitely. We will remove your photograph if you ask us to do so.

In the majority of cases, the subjects of photos posted online are not identified. In some cases, the purpose of the photograph is to specifically identify a member of our leadership team, or a person who is acting as a contact point for a particular activity. In these cases, the name, and sometimes contact details (phone number and / or email address) may be displayed along with the photograph.

We never identify children whose photographs are posted online.

Parents’ written consent is obtained before we photograph children who attend some special events such as our summer Holiday Bible Club.